About F**K Greenwashing

Our mission...

is to disrupt complacency, challenge false eco-promises, and catalyze urgent action towards climate change.

We exist to amplify the vital message of environmental responsibility and the necessity for radical changes in our lifestyles, practices, and policies.

By creating a community of passionate individuals wearing our message, we aim to spark meaningful conversations, inspire action, and hold others accountable for their environmental impact.

Our goal is not only to fight greenwashing but also to create a lasting positive impact on our planet.

Our promise...

is not to sell you on anything.

We only exist to amplify your message, that you will not stand for anything less than radical climate action.

Why? Because we need nothing short for the survival of humanity.

But when you do buy something from our store, we promise that every effort is made to ensure that the product you buy is TRULY as ecological as possible.